Monday, August 8, 2011

Where to Buy the Beans!

Jessie Beans Accessories are now available in 3 fabulous Seattle Locations!  

  Last weekend I met with the wonderful Rachel Karlin - owner of Ola Salon in West Seattle. She saw the GIRL Seattle booth at the Fremont Fair and loved our items so much she decided to carry a selection of them in the Salon! Her favorite items were the Jessie Beans Hand-Set Vintage Rhinestone Brooch's - so Rachel picked an excellent selection of them to sell in Ola! She also has my new crystal bobby pins and some skinny headbands for summer in stock!

  For a wonderful summer afternoon in West Seattle I recommend a spa treatment at Ola,  then walking over to the wonderfully whimsical Luna Park Cafe' for lunch!  After food and pampering a short trip under the West Seattle Bridge will take to you Alki Beach for a gorgeous day in the sun!

Ola Salon Store Front On Avalon Way

  Another great store in the Seattle Area is Ventures - currently located on 1st and Occidental, but will be moving to Pike Place Market in September! Ventures is a non-profit retail store that only sells items from local entrepreneurs - they are an awesome place to support and shop from!

Ventures was also restocked with over 100 new items from Jessie Beans last week! They have the biggest selection of wide headbands of any store that carries Jessie Beans. They also have a lot of skinny headbands, stretchy headbands and some other Jessie Beans treasures!
Ventures Store Front in Pioneer Square

  The boutique with the largest variety of Beans is the Pretty Parlor on Capitol Hill. This is the only store that carries my feather fascinators, in addition to every headband style I make and lots of clips, bobby pins, cuffs and combs! If you are looking for a collection similar to what you see me selling at street fairs - the Pretty Parlor is the place to go! When your there be sure to give a good snuggle to Vincent, the shop kitty!

Bean-Picking at the Pretty Parlor!

The Pretty Parlor on Olive Way


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